Beginning of Small Drop on The Internet

Beginning of Small Drop on The Internet

Start something in small is more important than thinking about it all over the years in your head.  Yes, that’s happened to me whenever I try to learn a new skill or start blogging. Right now, it has been nine years since I started working as a Freelance Web developer. I wanted to write about what I learned over the years. Somehow I was just not ready to start the writing. I had always think about what would happen if I get hammered by readers etc. I still think of me as a beginner. In the recent few months, what I came to understand that start slow, continue Aim Big.

My Starting as a Web developer wasn’t that easy. In 2011 in My local area, we didn’t have support for stable internet services. I use that time WiMAX services. It was not great, but it helps to learn new skills for web development. I always curious about Technology, how it works, what will happen if this button press etc.  So in 2011, I learn about Outsourcing through a local newspaper and it seems very interesting using a computer to earn money while staying at home. At that time I had free time cause I got admitted my self into the National University of Bangladesh. (ps. Bangladesh where I form).

Online Outsourcing

I try to understand what online Outsourcing is, how it works, and Most Importantly, how I can get the money.  Those who don’t know about Online Outsourcing is a way of doing a job with a contact over the Computer. When you full fill the contract agreement, you will get paid.

Why I chose Web Development

After finding which jobs available to do online, I decided Web development. The reason behind selecting this genre that thought if you write some code, it will show on the web. Mostly on the all depend on HTML, CSS for viewing, and styling. For functions, Developers use Javascripts, Php, and MySql. So If you want to learn about Web development, my recommendations to Learn HTML CSS.

I started learning from w3schools.  This is a great place to begin your journey of becoming a shining star in this field.

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